Lago Rosselot is fed by two main rivers, Río Bordali and Río Figueroa. As well, numerous small creeks drain into the lake, the mouths of which form ideal fishing areas. On quiet, sunny days, “scum-line” fishing offers some of the most exciting visual fishing you will ever experience. But Lago Rosselot has so much more to offer. Fish here have a wealth of places to live and look for food: sheer rock wall drop-offs, wadeable shallow flats, and long shorelines studded with fish-harboring logs. A day on Lago Rosselot is never boring, and a wonderful option during your stay at BaseCamp.

And then there is the outlet river of the lake, Río Rosselot. The river connects the lake with Río Palena and is a major highway for trout moving between the two bodies of water. Many of our largest fish come from this river. Big browns hide under logs and behind boulders here, while rainbows are mainly caught in the riffles, back eddies and foam lines.