Like the Río Palena, the Futaleufu flows from Argentina. Renowned as one of the world`s most challenging white water rafting rivers, the “Fue” is the main tributary to Yelcho Lake, and offers great and diverse fishing. The Río Yelcho, the outlet of the lake of the same name, is a huge and powerful river. The exit “boca” is home to very large rainbows. Our lodge record rainbow (a 20-lb fish!) came from here. Just downstream, in the river proper, trout cruise the surface and you will be sight-fishing with very small flies (size 20 to 26), on 5X and 6X tippets in eddies and whirlpools. Very technical and exciting!

And with the diversity that is typical to all our rivers, later in the day and just around the corner downstream you will be changing rods and techniques once again. Large browns hide deep down, hidden behind boulders, with size 1/0 Zonkers the strong contrast to the tiny little dry flies fished earlier in the day.

Finally, the lake itself can also offer fabulous fishing, particularly around the shallow, shoreline reed fields. Large brown and rainbow trout cruise here, feeding aggressively on dragonflies and damsels. The takes are often spectacular, and the ensuing fights memorable.