The Río Palena starts in Argentina as Río Corcovado, and during its voyage to the ocean it changes by the mile. With many tributaries, it offers an incredibly diverse fishery. It is our home river, and you could not wish for a better one. We explore the river using either jet boats or rafts.

An overnight float trip on the Río Palena is a great adventure and offers spectacular fishing in otherworldly scenery. This trip can be done in 2, or 3 days. You will stay in one of our riverside camps, with dinners cooked on a wood fire at the riverbank. In the upper section of the river you will enjoy (depending on the conditions) lots of dry fly action and/or nymph fishing in riffles, while wading the numerous gravel bars.

The last section of the river is packed with sunken trees, which offer the ideal cover for very large brown trout. Heavy streamers on sinking lines are often very effective. But you will be changing rods often, as large “scum line whirlpools” hold good numbers of surface-sipping rainbows. This allows forsome very exciting sight-fishing with dry flies or emergers.