EscondidoCamp – Lago Verde

Over the past eight years we have acquired a pretty vast amount of property connecting Lago Verde to a hidden lake called Laguna Escondida. The two lakes are connected by the Río Escondido and by now owning the whole river valley we have exclusive accesibility to the waters. Fishing isn’t easy and acquires a lot of hiking and bushwhacking. But the sensation of fishing in this untouched river valley is unique. And there are some incredible fish to be caught. Almost all sight fishing.

On one of the hills, overlooking the virgin forests on one side and the turquoise water of Lago Verde on the other side, we built a camp for 4 anglers maximum. An open-wall “quincho” forms the dining area where meals are prepared on an open fire. Its all a wilderness experience.

The camp forms a part of our Escondido project. A conservation initiative supported by visiting anglers and others interested in a unique outdoor experience.

El Escondido fishing program is run as a separate operation from Patagonian BaseCamp. For more information visit