BaseCamp – Rio Palena

The location of our BaseCamp Lodge was chosen specifically to showcase the beauty of the area to the utmost. The lodge itself has become not only our, but also many fishermen’s second home. Its position could not be better as a base to explore the area.

The Patagonian BaseCamp Lodge is located amidst of unexplored evergreen forests, on the banks of the Río Palena. The large freestone beach just in front of the lodge offers perfect wading possibilities and the home pool has brought some fantastic trout to the surface.

The views from your room and the main lounge are spectacular. Impressive green walls of trees rise from the turquoise river just in front of the lodge, steep mountains whose rough peaks are covered in snow, forming a striking contrast to the deep blue of the sky. In the lounge, the central fireplace is the heart of the lodge. Sink into one of the comfortable chairs, stretch your legs onto the hearth, and enjoy typical Chilean cocktails and snacks while sharing your stories, adventures and lies with your fellow travelers.

Or, after an exciting day on the river, enjoy a relaxing immersion in our wood heated hot tub on the banks of the river, or choose to sweat your last worries away in our adjacent sauna. After feeling reborn, a great wine will be opened and you will be surprised by our chefs. They are masters in combining typical local dishes with international cuisine.