The “Fig” connects the regions most important lakes, Lago Verde and Lago Rosselot and is one of the most beautiful rivers of all of Patagonia. On this river we float three different sections. The lower section, just before it dumps its water in Lago Rosselot we can access by jet boat from the lake, allowing us to fish both banks.

For years we have been fishing parts of the river, but only recently we discovered the great fishing of one of the most difficult accessible stretches. This stretch of the river floats through an amazing canyon with steep walls and unbelievable rock formations. The steep walls seem like man-made creations as in the old Inca temples. We baptized it as the “Temple Float”. Fishing this river is not for the faintly hearted, though. You will go trough some serious white water and will definitely get wet. Listen carefully to your guide’s white-water safety talk, life vests are mandatory and waders not allowed. But you will have a fishing experience of a life time; fishing with large dry flies to big brown trout and surface feeding rainbows.

From our TempleCamp we opened up the fishing in the semi-pampa area of Lago Verde. The area is ruled by a very pleasant micro climate. Next to drifting and fishing two sections of Rìo Figueroa, you will have access to three different wading rivers. The arid and extended grass lands around the rivers are the ideal home to thousands of grasshoppers. Fishing their imitations, can give you the best dry fly fishing you have ever had.

The near-by lake of Lago Verde, offers spectacular opportunities for sight fishing for large rainbow and brown trout. If the winds are down, the dragon flies are out you enjoy days will not easily forget.