Knowing and fishing the local waters for almost 20 years now, we have developed a fleet of very modern and partly tailor-made boats. Some are imported, others locally manufactured. Because our waters and fishing are so diverse, we operate an extended fleet of different rafts and catarafts. All rafts are equipped with especially designed fishing frames; you will be amazed how comfortable they are to fish from and how easy they handle in white water. Next to our “oar powered fleet”, we use aluminum jet boats on some rivers and propeller run deep V-hull boats on lakes. To fish around the weed beds and reed fields of some smaller lagoons, we keep locally made wooden and aluminum drift boats.

From the lodge we either use one of our jet boats or rafts to bring you to the best fishing spots on our home river or one of its tributaries or we drive to one of the near-by waters. Our jeeps and pick-up trucks are all four-wheel driven, for maximum safety and flexibility.

To protect our virgin waters from foreign invasive aquatic diseases we supply free-to-use Korker´s wading boots. With their inter-changeable soles and sturdy design they are the best choice for our waters. So keep your bulky boots at home and help us protecting our waters and fish.