Luana Ferreira


Luana Ferreira

Luana, or Lu or even Lua was born in Brasília, Brazil’s capital, and lived there her entire life. But she always knew that see wanted to see and to experience much more of the world. So since September 2022 she has been living a nomadic life.

The world is full of wonders and traveling has always been one of the things she loved most. She is passionate about new experiences and adventures. Lu enjoys being breathless with incredible landscapes or even the day-to-day simple beauties. She loves connecting with people from all around, sharing nice moments together, getting to know their culture, learning different ways of living and just getting inspired by their stories.

She has a bachelor degree in Tourism and another one in Culinary Arts. She really likes learning foreign languages, so besides Portuguese, she also speaks English, French, Spanish and a little bit of Italian. If you like it as well, she will be more than happy to practice any of those with you.

Lu: “That’s how I ended up here this season at The Patagonian BaseCamp. And I must say, I’m feeling blessed and super excited about being part of this team in this incredibly beautiful place”. “I want to make you feel more than welcome, comfortable and happy during your staying here at the Lodge. Please, don’t hesitate to let me know whatever you need”.