The TempleCamp

Having this one-of-a-kind waterfront property on the upper stretches of the Rio Figueroa, close to  Lago Verde, has allowed us to open up a whole new world of fly fishing opportunities to our guests. Here, we accept only four fishermen at a time, thus securing the exclusivity of the fishing. The full TempleCamp program is booked as a 3 or 4 day add-on to the normal BaseCamp program, or part of our extended 10 and 11 day program.

At the TempleCamp you will spend the nights in very spacious dome-shaped tents built on fixed wooden platforms. The “domos” are very comfortable with normal beds, mattresses and comforters. There are even hot showers and a flush toilet, a small generator powers the lighting and makes sure that you can charge your batteries.

Inside the "quincho" an open fireplace will heat you up after a day on the river. A fabulous bush dinner will be fixed at the river bank, while the sound of the river and the memories of the rapids and its fish will keep you from going to bed. It is truly a magical place.

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