Hayden Stribley

Hayden Stribley was fortunate enough to be born within the borders of Montana. He grew up fishing the Big Horn, Stillwater, Boulder, and Yellowstone River around Billings, MT, but has fished all over the great state of Montana looking for lonely, long, and obese trout. While attending the University of Montana he thought Alaska seemed like a worthy state to add to the fishing portfolio. That was back in 2006 and just as the veteren guides warned him "it got in his blood." He has enjoyed guiding anglers into trout and salmon all over the vast Bristol Bay region covering everything from the Goodnews to the Katmai watersheds. Finding a place to chase large and wiley Brown trout was the natural career choice to pass the time in the Alaska off-season. Chile met that requirement and since 2011 Hayden is an important part of our team. Chasing huge trout has become his job now for 8 months of the year. The other months he has allotted to his personal trout research in Montana and it's bordering states.

With all that being said, Hayden has fallen in love with the sheer lack of fisherman on the home rivers of the BaseCamp, and has enjoyed putting his Alaskan jet boat skills to use in Chile. Although he feels torn between the catching these amazing trout on big dries or actively stripped streamers he has developed an obsession for "the hunt" for these predatory fish with the streamer. So, be careful if you have a similar addiction because he will take full advantage of it. All in all he feels blessed to have made the people and the rivers of Chile a new part of his life.  

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