Carolina Chaparro

Carolina was born in Santiago de Chile. She then lived for eight years in Antofagasta, the driest desert of the world, so had never heard of fly fishing. The contrast to Patagonia couldn`t be more extreme.

She studied theatre and art in both Santiago and Mexico. Just when she decided to return to Mexico in 2004, on a family trip to Patagonia, she met Marcel. “Things” happened and soon she joined him in his BaseCamp project. In 2009 their little girl Elena Sol was born and in 2013 Isabel Sol.

Carolina`s “sweet teeth” are a blessing to the guests at BaseCamp - she is famed for her desserts and chocolates. Her meals are a spectacular blend of typical Chilean dishes and international cuisine. Her artistic background is noticeable everywhere, in her plates and throughout the lodge.

Now she is fully dedicated to the farm and the garden. Her goal is to have only home grown, maximum organic food in the lodge. All the meat already is from "happy animals".

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