Marcel Sijnesael

Born in Rotterdam, Holland in 1964.

From the time he was old enough to walk, Marcel spent every waking hour fishing the Dutch canals in his native Holland. Whitefish, carp, bass, perch - no fish was safe from this young predator. Then one day (at the tender age of 15) while fishing with a breadcrust for carp, he came upon a weird guy with a strange rod and a hat full of feathers. A lost Austrian in Holland, it turns out, answering to the name of Sepp Fuchs; a tutor willing to show him the secrets of fly fishing. Marcel`s life changed forever. Since that moment he never touched anything but a fly rod again. His holidays and weekends were spent on the trout and grayling rivers in nearby Belgium, Germany and France.

After being involved in the shipping industry for almost 15 years, followed by two years of traveling the world with a fly rod, he decided that fly fishing should be his present and future life. And so happened. Since 2000 he has lived full time in Patagonia, built his Patagonian BaseCamp Lodge, and today runs it together with Carolina. He cannot wait for the moment that Elena and Isabel, their daughters, born in 2009 and 2013, will take up the oars and guide him around "his rivers".

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