Rio Figueroa

The "Fig" connects the regions most important lakes, Lago Verde and Lago Rosselot and is one of the most beautiful rivers of all of Patagonia. On this river we float three different sections. The lower section, just before it dumps its water in Lago Rosselot we can access by jet boat from the lake, allowing us to fish both banks.

The upper section of the Figueroa winds through deep canyons and flows over big boulders. Some stretches, especially the ones we float from our Temple Camp on the bank of the upper river, have serious white water and are only accessible by the best guides/oarsmen. But if the conditions are right, you will have an unforgettable experience, as this river is home to very good numbers of large fish. Dry flies are the rule, here, but you might want to try some subsurface flies as well. Fun is guaranteed!!

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