Next to world-class fly fishing for wild trout, traveling to Patagonia means visiting an area of unbelievable natural beauty. Snow-capped mountains, evergreen forests, turquoise colored rivers; around every corner the scenery changes, seeming to forever become more and more beautiful.

The BaseCamp, Rio Palena
The location of our BaseCamp Lodge was chosen specifically to showcase this beauty to the utmost. The lodge itself has become not only our, but also many fishermen’s second home. Its position could not be better as a base to explore the area.
The TempleCamp, Rio Figueroa
At the edge of the dense forest on the banks of the raging Río Figueroa, just below “El Diablo”, we built a unique and comfortable camp with spacious igloo-shaped tents. The views are just spectacular.

IslaLeonCamp, Rio Palena
After a full day float, your guide will anchor his raft just below your dome-shaped tent. The camp offers very comfortable wilderness accommodations with spectacular views. A river-bank bush meal on an open fire will get you ready for your second day of the float.

EscondidoCamp, Lago Verde
At the far end of the lake, the camp is only at striking distance from a dozen of spring creeks, free stone rivers, back channels, braids and lagoons. Offering endless wading possibilities.

To understand the locations of the lodges and to see the immense diversity of the fishing, download the area map here. If you want to learn more about "how it all happened", please read here more about the History of The Patagonian BaseCamp.

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