The Team

HAYDEN STRIBLEY: Montana born and complete trout addict. Fell in love with chasing big browns in Patagonia
DAVID SOUTHER: Fishing fed, Minisota raised, jet boat and Río Palena expert. Nobody can possible be more patient
GREG BRICKER: Still " The General", but softer than ever. He now even allows using dead drifting dry flies
DAVE NEAL: Mountain goat, white water freak and trout lover. And all this in the body of a teacher. Perfect combination for a guide
COURTNEY LOCKWOOD: Built up his mussle pack playing NCAA Division 1 hockey and now abuses our oars to show off
SANFORD ANTHONY: His love for big and bigger dries and streamers, finally brought him to Chile
FABIAN SCHILLING: From lamb-terminator, to carpenter. A man of thousand-skills. No BaseCamp without him
MARCEL SIJNESAEL: The restless Fly(fish)ing Dutchman. Left Holland years ago and now see what happened!
ELENA PALENA: Only 6 years old, but getting ready for the job! Now waiting for her two year old sister Isabel to help her
CAROLINA CHAPARRO: She made BaseCamp in what it is now. One big happy place and the perfect farm
KELLY ROEMAAT: Your hostess with a glued-on smile. Speaks 6 languages and knows how to fill a wine glass: with love!


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